What is Direct Access?

Bar Council approved barristers can now offer their services directly to the public without first instructing a solicitor. With no middleman there is an immediate financial benefit - just one fee. And as Direct Access barristers do not require expensive offices in city centre locations with numerous and costly backup staff, that single fee is not inflated by a large administrative burden. Importantly, with court proceedings looming, you can deal immediately and directly with an expert in advocacy and law, who is a specialist in the area concerning your problem, and who will represent you on the day.

Barristers are able to carry out work for a fixed fee, dependent on the complexity of the case and the work required, thereby providing you with more control and certainty over your expenditure.

Communications directly between you and your barrister are swift and you can benefit from your barrister’s advice at an early stage.

Contact a Direct Access barrister to find out what they can or can't do for you; he or she will be very willing to help you.