What Is A Barrister?

In the English legal system the legal profession is divided into Barristers and Solicitors. Both are sometimes referred to simply as ‘lawyers’.

A barrister is a legal specialist.  The work of a barrister will often involve providing legal advice (in writing or in conference) and representing clients in negotiations, in court or at other hearings such as tribunals.

Types of barrister...

Independent barristers are self-employed and may work on their own or more often in a group referred to as ‘Chambers’.  In Chambers the barristers share their premises and their staff.  The barrister’s work diary and their fees are usually managed by their clerk. The barrister works as an individual and pays a proportion of their fees to their Chambers to cover their overheads. If you instruct a barrister they will usually work personally on your case.  Barristers cover all areas of legal work.