Direct Access Barrister

Andrew Graham Thompson

Direct Access Barrister

Andrew Graham Thompson

I have extensive experience and specialist knowledge of road traffic offences.

I have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes. I am well-versed in defending complex and serious cases as well as more straightforward matters. I only act for defendants. I do not do any other kind of work.

What sort of work do I do?

Magistrates’ Court cases: Speeding, careless driving, traffic signs, totting up, exceptional hardship, special reasons, mitigating circumstances, early return driving licence following disqualification, drink driving, drunk in charge offences, insurance offences, construction and use offences, using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Crown Court cases: Causing death by dangerous driving, Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving, Causing death by careless driving, Dangerous Driving, Appeals, Early return of driving licence following disqualification.

Appeals: Andrew is experienced in appeals against sentence and conviction heard before the Crown Court and at the Court of Appeal.

Who do I work for?

I am able to engage at an early stage of the trial process, including both client conferences and written advices. I make a point of providing clients with early tactical advice.

I bring a mixture of experience, objectivity and reality to my cases. All cases are thoroughly prepared and client meetings reflect this; meetings are well-structured and efficient. I always ensure that clients are clear about their options and prospects of success through realistic advice and the continued support that I provide throughout the process.

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