Direct Access Barrister

Sarah Joanne Wait

Direct Access Barrister

Sarah Joanne Wait

I am a business and property barrister, with experience in disputes relating to contracts and property work.

I am experienced in giving advice verbally and in writing, drafting legal documents, and representing clients at court. I also work hard to settle cases where appropriate to avoid going to court.

Area of Law

Business and Corporate

Contract disputes, building and construction disputes, insurance and property cases.


Trusts, property, wills, probate and inheritance, contract work and general business and property work.


Commercial contracts, insurance contracts, building and construction disputes and property cases.

Landlord and Tenant

Residential and non residential property including individual landlords and tenants, rent issues, disrepair.

What sort of work do I do?

I carry out a wide variety of work including contract disputes, sale of goods, supply of services, insurance, property and land disputes, professional negligence, wills trusts and succession.

Who do I work for?

I work for a wide range of clients including private individuals and large companies.

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