About DAP

DAP is the official and exclusive Bar Council web site for Direct Access Barristers.

It is the easy way to find and contact your specialist Direct (Public) Access Barrister, Mediator or Arbitrator.

Direct Access Barristers

In this Bar Council DirectAccessPortal you will have direct access to thousands of highly experienced legal professionals throughout the UK specialising in all aspects of the law. DAP provides direct access to barristers without the delay and expense of applying through a third party. You can use DAP to locate and contact a direct access barrister to obtain legal advice or to help you with any aspect of your legal case. Use of the DAP web site is free and is backed up with clear and understandable information. Our easy to use barrister directory allows you to search for your nearest available direct access barrister by simply selecting the area of law required and entering your postcode or location.

Mediators and Arbitrators

DAP can also be used, in the same way, to locate and contact mediators and arbitrators. Mediation and arbitration are forms of alternative dispute resolution that can help you to avoid time consuming and expensive court proceedings if appropriate.

DAP is free to site users and there are no introduction fees to those you choose to represent you.

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