Arbitration provides a binding legal agreement without the delay, costs and publicity of a court case. It is a form of alternative dispute resolution which is actively encouraged by the courts for all aspects of litigation, including family matters.

Arbitration gives the opportunity to resolve disputes in private and is very flexible; for example, in the appointment of experts, the scope of aspects to be covered (following mediation perhaps), where and when hearings are to take place. 

The arbitrator’s ruling is legally binding but the saving in time and money and the advantages of privacy and flexibility make this option very attractive. You can still choose to be represented by a barrister or other legal professional and any aspect of law can be covered.

You could choose arbitration to resolve disputes arising from the breakdown of your relationship. Family arbitration was developed to enable couples going through family breakdown to resolve financial disputes more quickly, confidentially and in a more flexible and less formal setting than a courtroom.

Whatever your problem, if arbitration is a possible way forward for you, then contact one of our direct access arbitrators for advice on how to proceed.