Direct Access Barrister

David Hoffman

Direct Access Barrister

David Hoffman

I am a business and property barrister, which means I assist clients with resolving disputes relating to contracts and property work. I also act as a mediator and arbitrator to help resolve disputes in these areas.

I am experienced in giving advice and in presenting cases in court if necessary as well as negotiating to avoid court by settling cases. I also undertake contract drafting work. I have been at the bar since 1997 and am also qualified as a mediator and arbitrator. Please note that you should direct all inquiries to my clerks at Businessproperty rather than use the form here.

Area of Law

Business and Corporate

A wide variety of cases including partnerships, company disputes (shareholders and directors), contract disputes, building and construction disputes, insurance, banking and property cases.


Chancery refers to areas of law to do with trusts, property and succession (including wills, probate and inheritance claims), companies, partnerships and other forms of association and ownership of property (including clubs and societies), as well as some elements of contract work and business and property work more generally


A wide variety of cases including commercial contracts, insurance contracts, banking and finance contracts, partnerships, company disputes (shareholders and directors), building and construction disputes and property cases. I also undertake contract drafting including standard terms and conditions.

Landlord and Tenant

I act for both landlords and tenants in a variety of residential and non-residential property, including property management companies and individual landlords and tenants, and including service charge disputes and rent issues, forfeiture and possession, disrepair and dilapidations, security of tenure and leasehold extensions. I have also acted as arbitrator for landlord and tenant disputes, which can be a cost effective way of resolving relatively low value disputes.

Professional Negligence

I deal with various areas of professional negligence such as solicitors, accountants, surveyors and other commercial professionals (but not medical professionals)


I deal with a range of property disputes including issues as to ownership and co-ownership, trusts of property and succession, boundary and neighbour issues, easements and rights of way, conveyancing issues, transfer disputes and adverse possession. I can also draft property contracts and can act as mediator or arbitrator in property disputes.

What sort of work do I do?

I undertake a wide variety of work within commercial law, including property and land disputes, contract disputes, building cases, sale of goods, supply of services, insurance, banking, professional negligence, wills, trusts and succession.

Who do I work for?

I work for clients ranging from private individuals through to commercial companies, including neighbour disputes, property management companies, partners, company shareholders and directors, trustees and beneficiaries.

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