Direct Access Barrister

Jamsheed Al Ameen Peeroo

Direct Access Barrister

Jamsheed Al Ameen Peeroo

Jamsheed is an arbitrator, an arbitration counsel, and a dual-qualified barrister practising both at the Bar of England and Wales and at the Mauritian Bar and holding full rights of audience before DIFC and AIFC Courts. Jamsheed is fully bilingual (English and French).

Jamsheed is specialised in international law. His practice focusses on international commercial and investor-State arbitration, on complex commercial and corporate cross-border litigation and on arbitration-related court proceedings. Having both the common law and civil law as legal background, Jamsheed's expertise is often sought in matters involving different laws and legal systems.
Jamsheed has worked on numerous matters in or in relation to various jurisdictions before becoming a full tenant of 36 Stone in order to pursue a substantial part of his international practice as a barrister in England and Wales.

Area of Law

Banking and Financial Services

Jamsheed has recently acted as expert witness on the chances of success of a multi-million dollar arbitration under English law of a dispute claim arising from a complex set of financial agreements in the context of an application for a freezing order to a foreign court in support of arbitration.

Business and Corporate

Jamsheed regularly deals with cross-border corporate and trust matters spanning different offshore jurisdictions.


Jamsheed holds an LLM in international Business law and has worked on various commercial disputes.


Jamsheed has recently succesfully acted in complex arbitration relating to an international sale of commodities.

Private International Law

As a specialist of Private International Law, Jamsheed has worked on various cross-border matters involving conflicts of laws and conflicts of jurisdictions.

Public International Law

Jamsheed was trained in a magic-circle law firm in public international law and has been involved in several investor-State disputes.

Shipping and Maritime

Jamsheed has recently succesfully acted in arbitration relating to the misdelivery of commodities.

What sort of work do I do?

Jamsheed's practice as a barrister covers both contentious and advisory or transactional matters. Over the years, Jamsheed has worked on a wide range of high-profile matters, often relating to or within the African and Asian continents, in various sectors and areas including infrastructure, offshore corporations and trusts, banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, hotel and tourism, shipping, fisheries, insurance, construction, telecoms and IT, technology products, renewable energy and mining.

Who do I work for?

Given Jamsheed's truly international profile, his clients include corporate and commercial entities and individuals operating in numerous sectors from all continents.

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