Direct Access Barrister

Jane Alison Sisson-Pell

Direct Access Barrister

Jane Alison Sisson-Pell

Based in Huddersfield, Jane is an expert Family Law Barrister with extensive experience in private law cases, involving high conflict parental disputes.

“In the 10-minute telephone call we received more information and positivity than we had had in two years. A meeting quickly followed and Jane took over. She worked tirelessly to get the case ready for court and we ended up with a great result. Jane is a true professional.”

Jane’s approach:
Jane is passionate about achieving positive outcomes for her clients, ensuring minimum delay, hostility, and expense.

Jane is a good listener, treating her clients with respect and dignity when they are speaking about very personal, often upsetting family matters. From the outset she is keen to identify and focus on the real issues in the case, bringing common sense, objectivity and reality to legal issues, which may appear overwhelming to her clients.

Jane prides herself on fair fees. She goes over and above for her clients, applying years of experience and ensuring they receive excellent value for money. Fees are agreed with the client in advance and fixed for each piece of work. There is no charge for an initial call and reasonable emails are included in the fees.

Area of Law


Jane set up her chambers in 2015 practising exclusively in family law, which is and always has been her preferred area of practice. Cases involving children require sensitivity and care.

Jane’s services include:
Child Arrangements Orders
Grandparents Rights
Domestic Abuse and Non-Molestation Orders

What sort of work do I do?

Jane deals with all aspects of family law and is regularly instructed in cases involving high conflict, parental alienation and persistent failure to comply. Jane is able to help you from the outset and throughout your case and is also able to take on a case part-way through, i.e. when hearing(s) may have already taken place.

Jane’s work includes:
- Consultation and professional legal advice
- Analysis of case papers
- Representation in court, including attendance at advocates meetings
- Drafting position statements and evidential statements
- Preparing appeal documents

Her caseload includes allegations of:
- Alcohol/substance misuse and addiction
- Neglect
- Isolation (of parent and/or child)
- Physical, emotional, psychological, financial and sexual abuse
- Coercive control
- Domestic abuse and harassment
- Fabricated illness
- Extremism
- Mental health issues
- Missing children
- Emergency remedies

Prior to any hearing, Jane will hold a remote conference with you, giving you the opportunity to provide a her with full background and enabling Jane to get to grips with the key issues in the case. Conferences are efficiently managed to explore all relevant evidence and this time allows you to get to know Jane and have your questions answered.

Who do I work for?

Jane provides legal services for individuals who contact her directly under the public access scheme and also when she is instructed by solicitors in the traditional way.

Jane represents parents, step parents and grandparents.

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