Direct Access Barrister

Jonathan Duffy

Direct Access Barrister

Jonathan Duffy

I am a Barrister that specialises is criminal defence. Although mostly, I defend in very serious cases, I also enjoy helping clients deal with all types of problems, even those that might be considered minor or even trivial by others, but are crucial to you.

Please feel free to examine my chambers profile, which provides details of some of the more serious cases that I have been involved in, and what the legal directories have said about me over the years (a sort of Tripadvisor for lawyers!)

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What sort of work do I do?

Although I have defended (and occasionally prosecuted) in some extremely serious cases, my direct access work enables me to use of this experience to help clients who are experiencing problems across the full range of allegations, every one of which, for the person accused, is the most important problem in their life.

I am available either to represent you throughout the proceedings or, if more appropriate, just to advise you in conference, which might involve me reading the papers in your case, discussing the case with you and providing an opinion (or a second opinion) on whatever the problem is.

I am frequently instructed on a direct access basis in the following types of cases:

Appeals to The Crown Court or The Court of Appeal
Drink Driving
Speeding, especially where disqualification is a potential outcome
Totting up
Assaults and other allegations which are often dealt with in the Magistrates Courts
Sexual Allegations
Drugs allegations

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