Direct Access Barrister

Jonathan Guy Moore

Direct Access Barrister

Jonathan Guy Moore

I have specialised in family law since 1992, changing from solicitor to barrister in 2006. My practice areas relate to financial/property and child issues arising from divorce and separation, including disputes involving unmarried parties.
I practise from Cathedral Chambers, a specialist family law set.

I advise and assist clients with a view to resolving disputes whether by negotiation, representation in court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution.
I started specialising in 1992, when I became the head of a family law department in a busy solicitor's firm. Such experience, before being called to the bar in 2006, has proven invaluable in supporting clients as direct access counsel.
Having practised on both sides of the profession reassures clients who wish to instruct me directly without the support of a solicitor.
I am careful to consider the often difficult, emotional and stressful circumstances surrounding a lot of family disputes when providing support.

Area of Law


I have specialised in family law since 1992

What sort of work do I do?

I have experience in cases involving complex financial issues and where significant sums are at stake, for example in the form of businesses, farms and pensions.
I also advise and represent parties with difficulties in respect of child arrangements arising from separation or divorce.
Such areas of work will sometimes involve the need for expert witnesses to be instructed and for the extensive disclosure of information.
My work also includes cases where assets are not so significant and frequently having to advise clients on the division of limited assets and or the apportionment of debt.
My practice takes me to various courts in England and Wales. I draft court documents and correspondence to assist with the resolution of a dispute and advise in conference.

Who do I work for?

I have been instructed as direct access counsel by a wide range of clients, including company directors, members of the armed forces, civil servants, health care professionals, farmers and those with limited means, who see direct access counsel as a more affordable option.

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