Direct Access Barrister

Mark Wilden

Direct Access Barrister

Mark Wilden

I am a junior barrister specialising in intellectual property, with a particular interest in music and the arts. Before becoming a barrister I spent 15+ years in the music and publishing industries as a performer and record producer.

Area of Law

Intellectual Property 

I represent clients in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), and the Chancery Division of the High Court.

I have worked on cases about the protection and infringement of trade marks and trade names/logos, copyrights, patents, designs, and confidential information. I also write articles and present seminars to law firms about developments in IP law.

What sort of work do I do?

I advise on disputes over intellectual property rights. I also advise on issues with contracts and licensing which deal with those rights.

I represent clients by drafting correspondence, preparing court documents, advising on procedure, and presenting my client’s case in Court. This includes advice and representation in court Applications and procedural hearings.

I have a particular interest in music and the creative industries. I have paid attention to the commercial side of the arts since releasing my first record in 1999, and I worked in-house at Oxford University Press from 2006 to 2014. I have worked across the industry as a performer, a producer / engineer, and a record label administrator. I take a holistic view to disputes and seek to get the best and most practical commercial outcome for all parties.

Who do I work for?

I help people seeking to protect their rights and people accused of infringing the rights of others. I act for individuals with no legal knowledge or support, and for large organisations with sophisticated legal teams. I tailor my advice and representation in each situation to what my client needs.

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