Direct Access Barrister

Michael Hartman

Direct Access Barrister

Michael Hartman

Michael Hartman practices in the civil bar mainly in Chancery matters which includes disputes arising in partnerships, business, companies, involving contracts, trusts, and fraud.

Michael Hartman represent clients who are facing real litigation problems and takes on difficult and complex claims with a no nonsense approach to his clients, opponents and the court. The value of these claims range from thousands to many millions of pounds. His fees are set out below but they are likely to vary, upwards or downwards, according to the magnitude in value, or importance, and complexity of the claim.

Area of Law

Business and Corporate

Company contracts, Minority shareholder's disputes, shareholders rights,

Professional Negligence

Valuer's and Solicitor's negligence.

What sort of work do I do?

Typically and currently he is instructed in claims such as a partnership for the purchase of land, interference with the ownership of a share in a company by another shareholder/director, negligence in the handling of a litigation claim, breach of contract by failure to properly pay for a transfer of a lease to another party.

Who do I work for?

Solicitors, ex-solicitors, foreign / Dubai and Saudi clients, but mainly UK private individuals and companies.

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