Direct Access Barrister

Mobin Uddin Ahmed

Direct Access Barrister

Mobin Uddin Ahmed

I am a specialist Immigration/Asylum, Family law and employment barrister

I also advise on human rights; refugee and attend tribunals/high court. I also advise on child arrangement and all matters related to children; divorce; financial dispute and attend tribunals/courts for hearing.

Area of Law


I am 50 years experienced in all aspects of family law

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality

I have 50 years experience dealing in all aspects of immigration law

What sort of work do I do?

I advise, attend for hearing Triunals/Courts for hearing all related to the immigration/asylum/humanrights; Child & Family disputes and employment issues.

Who do I work for?

I help individual facing issues with deportaton, right to stay in the UK, marriage, divorce, child care, financial dispute between the couple and unfair dismissal/suspension.

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