Direct Access Barrister

Mohammad Jahirul Islam

Direct Access Barrister

Mohammad Jahirul Islam

Mr Islam is a direct access barrister practising Family, Immigration, Asylum and Nationality laws. He accepts instructions from start to finish of a case as he has been authorised to conduct litigation.

Area of Law


He is an expert at family law and accepts instructions on all aspects of family law, as he has a thorough knowledge of both procedural and substantive laws. He represents the applicant/respondent at child arrangement, prohibited steps order, non-molestation order and financial remedies proceedings.

In the fact-finding hearing, he conducts a robust cross-examination to undermine the credibility and find the truth. Being brought up overseas makes it easy for him to understand the cultural backgrounds of the parties to such proceedings. His closing submission in the fact-finding hearing is very convincing as his submission is supported by the leading case laws.

In the financial remedy hearing, from the first appointment to the final hearing, he effectively represents the applicant/respondents to bring the best outcome the parties expected.

He, of course, in both child arrangement and financial remedy proceedings, tries to reach a settlement by doing a pre-hearing discussion in a friendly and amicably so that parties can minimise the legal costs to be incurred

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality

He has been representing clients at the immigration tribunals (first and upper tiers) since 2007 on behalf of many solicitors firms. His advocacy is robust, and he presents his skeleton argument in every hearing in advance and got numerous appeals allowed on the spot as a result.

He takes instructions to submit all types of applications (leave to remain/enter/ILR etc.) to the Home Office and the Entry Clearance Officers. He presents the covering letter persuasively by citing leading case laws, and as a result, applications get successful at first instance. He brought clients remedies on complex immigration, asylum, human rights and nationality matters by giving presentations.

Changes very often come in immigration law. So, keeping up to date is the key to the immigration practice. In 2015/2016, thousands of students living lawfully and hoping to be settled on ten years lawful residents grounds were about to be in breach of 3c leave by the introduction of the Immigration Act 2014, removing in-country appeal rights from the points-based migrants. Mr Islam’s eagle-eyed research saved such students. Mr Islam undertook extensive research and found immigration rules (SET-O applications route) which some other practitioners followed later.

Private International Law

Mr Islam accepts instructions on this area of law


Mr Islam accepts instructions on property matters.

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