Direct Access Barrister

Naveen Agnihotri

Direct Access Barrister

Naveen Agnihotri

Over 20 years experience of providing assistance with business and property disputes.

Banking, Company, Commercial, Landlord & Tenant, Property / Real Estate
Arbitration, Mediation, Expert Determination

Area of Law

Business and Corporate

representing Directors, Companies (Public and Private), Lenders, Foreign Branches


numerous cases involving business, finance and property at all levels of court


contract, negligence / damages, debt recovery and enforcement of judgments / awards

Landlord and Tenant

acting for landlords, right to manage companies, block managers, agents, pension funds

What sort of work do I do?

Provide guidance and written advice on legal disputes based on the particular facts and what the prospects of success are with a claim or defending one.

Who do I work for?

Individuals, partnerships, companies, organisations, government

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