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Peter David Gotch

Direct Access Barrister

Peter David Gotch

Experienced Criminal Barrister.
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All criminal defence undertaken. Crown Court and Magistrates Courts.
Specialist in motoring defence. Drink driving, speeding, careless and dangerous driving etc.
Firearms licencing appeals undertaken and more.

Pete Gotch was a police officer for 15 years before being called to the Bar in 2005. He has been a Solicitor as well as a Barrister and has vast experience on both sides of the Criminal Justice system. Defence is what he loves best. Pete knows how the police work and think. When not working Pete is a member (and Club Secretary) of a Home Office Approved rifle and pistol club and enjoys clay shooting as well as target shooting on the range. He is also a self admitted petrol head and loves fast cars and motorbikes. Pete says his style is street fighter. No one will fight harder for a client's cause. All clients have Pete's number and e-mail.
Pete says ' the court system is a very hostile place for defendants. There is always an assumption that the defendant is guilty and alleged victims tend to be believed. I see a lot of clients who have had a go at defending themselves. Believe me it's a bad idea! It's a bit like be having a try at repairing my cars engine management system. I am only going to make it worse. Get free advice early.

Area of Law



What sort of work do I do?

Any criminal allegation undertaken. Pete has experience in dealing with assaults, domestic allegations, drugs, theft, fraud, sexual offences and all kinds of appeals.
Motoring matters very much in demand as the relentless drive for figures continues. Pete has had success in speeding cases, drink drive and drunk in charge, failure to provide, dangerous and carless driving, mobile phone offences and construction and use.
As Pete is Aa keen shooter he enjoys assisting FAC or SGC holders who are encountering problems with their local police force. He recently won an appeal against Staffordshire Police in the case of Jolly at Stafford Crown Court. Mr Jolly had been revoked for leaving ammunition out of his safe and for possession of what the police called throwing stars. The police were ordered to return the certificate.
There is also increasing demand for private prosecutions in cases where the police refuse to take action. In some cases a private prosecution is required in order that a client can obtain justice.
Pete also undertakes taxi licence appeals both in the Magistrates and the Crown Courts.
Based in Oxfordshire but is willing to travel. Recent cases have been as far afield as Preston, Manchester and Southend.

Who do I work for?

Anyone is welcome to make an enquiry. However Pete cannot offer advice on Civil or family matters. It is very easy nowadays to find yourself accused of a criminal offence or generally in need of legal assistance.
If in doubt lets set up a chat.

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