Direct Access Barrister

Ruairi Felix Keene

Direct Access Barrister

Ruairi Felix Keene

Rory Keene is an accomplished criminal barrister across the spectrum of criminal law, with a focus on jury advocacy in the most grave criminal proceedings and an emphasis on private criminal defence in fraud, drugs and violence.

He acted as junior in the Privy Counsel at 1 year call.

First junior brief in a murder at 2 years call.

He first led at 5 years call.

He is appointed to the highest level of prosecution, Grade 4.

He appears on behalf of HMRC in the VAT tribunal.

What sort of work do I do?

Rory’s main areas of Practice:

Professional fraud and misconduct
Commercial fraud
Murder and manslaughter
Money laundering
Tax avoidance/Evasion/VAT fraud
Health and safety
Food and drugs

Who do I work for?

Clients who understand the importance of the Barrister representing them. All of my work is though client recommendation.

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