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Stuart Henry David Nicol

Direct Access Barrister

Stuart Henry David Nicol

I am a practising barrister with over 25 years' experience in the fields of commercial and civil litigation.

Since starting practice as a barrister I have had a wide ranging general common law and commercial practice. In particular I have been regularly instructed in cases involving insurance claims, credit hire claims, freezing injunctions, intellectual property claims, negligence claims, personal injury claims and contractual disputes.

What sort of work do I do?

I am a leading junior in the field of Credit Hire representing both Claimants and Defendants. I was junior counsel in the leading Court of Appeal decisions of Beechwood v. Hoyer Group [2011] and Clayton v. EUI Limited & McBride v. UK Insurance Limited [2017].

I also deal with claims where there are complicated issues surrounding insurance claims and cases where there are complicated issues concerning psychiatric expert evidence. I was junior counsel with Richard Spearman QC in the seminal decision of the Court of Appeal in Dunnage v. Randall & UK Insurance Limited [2015].

In addition to my common law practice I undertake commercial work as well as specialising in some forms of Intellectual Property. My IP work has largely revolved around the music and film industry and I have represented household names such as David Essex, The Village People and Bruce Foxton of The Jam​.

I also have considerable experience in obtaining and defending applications for interim injunctive relief especially national and international freezing orders. In the case of Xhosa v. Multi Circuit Boards [2014] I successfully obtained numerous national and international injunctive orders including a Passport Impoundment Order.

Who do I work for?

I have represented all types of client during my career, from individuals that have never been to Court to multinational companies and businesses who are regular litigants. I pride myself on representing each client with dedication and commitment. My aim is to provide the highest possible standards of advice and advocacy to my clients.

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