Direct Access Barrister

Thomas Patrick Henry Graham

Direct Access Barrister

Thomas Patrick Henry Graham

A specialist in company and commercial law. Extremely experienced, in practice since 1986. Advisory work, drafting work, and advocacy, presenting cases in the High Court and County Court, and Court of Appeal. A member of New Square Chambers, a highly regarded barristers' chambers in my field.

I am a barrister specialising in company law and commercial and contract law. I handle a range of business disputes, including in particular disputes between company shareholders, disputes between companies and their directors, and contract-based disputes between businesses. I give advice face to face, remotely or in writing. I draft documents for court proceedings, and I appear regularly as an advocate, fighting my client's cases in the High Court, the County Court and the Court of Appeal. I am extremely experienced, having been in practice since 1985 and made innumerable court appearances. I am a member of New Square Chambers, a highly regarded barristers' chambers in my field of expertise.

Area of Law


Regular appearances in the Business and Property Courts (Chancery Division) for over 20 years


Over 35 years experience of commercial and contract disputes, including in the Commercial Court


My cases frequently involve or include allegations of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or conspiracy, usually in a business/commercial context.

Private International Law

Where my cases involve disputes between parties based in different countries, they frequently involve issues of private international law.

What sort of work do I do?

Company law. Commercial law. Contract law. Misrepresentation and Fraud. Confidentiality. Insolvency. I also have experience of other areas of law such as Intellectual Property. I advise on and appear in all forms of hearing in the High Court, County Court and Court of Appeal in theses areas of law. These include applications for injunctions, applications for permission to serve English proceedings abroad, applications for summary judgment, interim applications for specific disclosure or in respect of other procedural breaches, and trials. I have considerable experience of costs orders against non-parties. I speak fairly good French, some Spanish, and a little Italian.

Who do I work for?

Most of my clients are solicitors, but I also do direct access work as appropriate. Most of my direct access clients are individuals or businesses involved in disputes or potential disputes over commercial contracts, or with problems within companies (such as issues between companies and their directors, or between shareholders).

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