Direct Access Barrister

Victoria Louise Green

Direct Access Barrister

Victoria Louise Green

Victoria is a specialist family law barrister, with 29+ years of experience. Her main area of practice is within the sphere of children law, and includes private and public law proceedings, as well as abduction.

Victoria has a background in having practised in both criminal and family law, though her practice has been exclusively family law over the last 18 years. She deals with both children and financial matters, and many of her cases have an international element. Within children proceedings, she has experience dealing with cases in which there are very serious allegations of abuse, and where there are complex family dynamics. Victoria has represented clients at all levels of tribunal, and has appeared against both junior and leading counsel.

What sort of work do I do?

Victoria provides advice and representation for clients in both children and financial proceedings. That can include advice pre-proceedings, as well as advice at each stage of proceedings.

In private law children cases, Victoria deals with all types of applications including for child arrangements, specific issue and prohibited steps orders. She deals with issues such as who a child should live with or spend time with, choice of school, name changes, and permission to remove from the jurisdiction.

In public law cases, Victoria deals with care proceedings and applications for adoption.

Victoria also deals with those case reserved to be dealt with by the High Court, such as those involving wardship and abduction.

Who do I work for?

Victoria respresents parents and other family members, local authorities, guardians, and children who have litigation capacity in children proceedings.

Victoria respresents husbands, wives and intervenors (who may have a financial interest) in financial remedy/ divorce proceedings.

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